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How We Can Help

The CCSS will be there to give you practical and emotional support, whilst you are at the Court. If possible, the volunteer will take you into the Court before the proceedings start and explain how an Inquest is conducted and the layout of the Court. The Inquest and all proceedings before the Coroner are held in an open Court and therefore members of the public and press may be in and around the Court as they cannot be excluded. Sometimes you may find students and trainees for various professions watching the proceedings: these might include police, journalists and medical staff. The press may ask the family for a statement or an interview after the Inquest has finished. There is no necessity to give this unless you so wish.

The volunteer will accompany you out of the Court should you wish to leave during the proceedings; this is at the discretion of each individual Coroner.

If you would like to obtain further help from a support organisation please see our 'Other Support Services' page for further details or speak to your volunteer to discuss the options that are available to you.

The Service is free and works under strict guidelines of confidentiality and equal opportunities.

The CCSS has recently undertaken an external evaluation of its Service. Please click on the links below to see the Evaluation Report and the CCSS Response.

The Evaluation:


CCSS Response


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